Welcome to the practice. This document contains important information about our professional services and business policies. Please read it carefully and jot down any questions you have so we can discuss them. Once you approve this or enroll for the counseling/therapy sessions, it will constitute a binding agreement between us as well as your consent to begin therapy.


We offer individual and couple/group counseling/therapy services for stress and anxiety, sleep issues, work and personal life issues, relationship and marriage issues, pre-marriage counseling, therapy for low self-esteem and low confidence, career management, burnout, post-traumatic stress, personal and professional growth, behavior management and modification, lifestyle management, body image issues, interpersonal conflict, identity crisis, mid-life crisis, existential crisis. Others may be added under the discretion of Mr. Aditya Sarao. The types of services offered are subject to change without notice. These services are offered only to individuals above 18 years of age. The type of mental health therapy that we generally prefer is “Holistic Therapy”  and ” Person Centred Therapy”.

As a Counselling Psychologist, Mr. Aditya Sarao does not provide any medication or perform any medical treatments or diagnose any psychological disorders. If the medicine seems indicated, a Psychiatrist can be consulted. We maintain a close working relationship with a number of physicians, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists and may refer you to these practitioners if needed.

When we work with people, one of the goals is to help them to identify the underlying thoughts, patterns, obstacles, and belief systems that are associated with undesirable feelings, actions, and behaviors. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, and there are potential risks. Risks may include experiencing uncomfortable feelings like sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc., and people may recall unpleasant aspects of their personal history. People also sometimes report feeling worse before feeling better.

At any time during our work together, you have the right to decide to end the therapeutic journey, and there is no moral, legal, or financial obligation other than to pay for the services/package opted for. Please note payments, once made, are non-refundable and non-transferable in any situation whatsoever. If you are thinking about ending therapy, we encourage you to discuss this with us, and if you wish, we will be glad to provide you with the names of other mental health providers.

If any emergency situation arises for which you or any person associated with you feels immediate attention is necessary, then you understand that you need to contact the emergency service providers in your locality and you understand that we do not provide suicide prevention or any emergency services.


1. You are expected to pay for sessions in advance via relevant payment links provided to you, unless previously agreed. 

2. Payments, once made, are completely non-refundable and non-transferable in any situation whatsoever.

3. A payment receipt is always shared by the payment gateway when you make the payment, in case you need a proper invoice for taxation purposes, you may write it to mentioning your payment details with the date and time of the transaction and our accounts team will take the request forward.


1. Each session is of 60 minutes; however, on exceeding 60 minutes of the session time in continuance, it will be considered as the start of a new session.

2. If a session lasts for less than 60 minutes, then the remaining time will be carried forward in the upcoming sessions.

3. If you are unable to attend the session at the scheduled time, provided you give us plenty of notice (and not less than 12 hours), we will do our best to allow rescheduling. However, if you fail to request rescheduling at least 12 hours before the scheduled time, it will be counted as one full session, and the time and charges of that session will be deducted from your overall enrolled minutes and package.

4. Failure to show at the scheduled time will also lead to the deduction of time and charges of that session from your overall enrolled minutes and package, and it will be marked as one complete session.

By enrolling for Counselling/Therapy Sessions, you provide your Informed Consent for the counseling/therapy sessions with Mr. Aditya Sarao.